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My name is Jacob, born ‘81. Married, with master’s degrees in journalism and theology. Bookworm, squirrel lover and (according to some) avid mushroom picker. An optimist, vegan and question-asking machine.

I love and make photographs since… forever, that means since when I was 8-year-old and got my first camera – unforgettable Soviet Zenith 12xp. For many years, with different cameras I was following family members, dogs, squirrels and other creatures. Finally I decided to transform my passion into a profession.

I love taking natural light photos, but flashes and strobes instill no fear in me. I love spontaneity in photography, but I pay a great attention to posing – through which I show my models in the most attractive way.

If you decide to hire me, you can count on:

  • affordable price (wedding packages starts from £1200; portrait photography starts from £500)
  • full professionalism
  • great atmosphere and lots of fun during a photo shoot
  • top-shelf gear which ensures best quality of photos (i.e. Nikon D810 with professional, bright, prime lenses)
  • total reliability and credibility
  • fast execution – I usually send fully retouched photos in no longer then 2 weeks after the photo shoot